Services & Support


Each person is unique

Community Living North Grenville provides support and services to individuals with an intellectual disability and includes their families through an individualized planning process.

Support is provided through a wide variety of services that incorporate, employment, work experience, school to work, leisure, recreation, supported independent living, 24-hour residential support, out of home respite for both children and adults, passports services and special services at home. We support each individual in realizing their best possible future.

Our services are tailored to the individual and their goals, aspirations and needs as identified in their Self-Driected Support Plan (SDSP). The plan is developed by facilitating a process of Person Centred Planning which includes the individual, family members and other people important to the individual.

Community Living

Community Living and inclusion involves not only the direct support of individuals with an intellectual disability receive from us, but the support of the communities in which people live.

For individuals with an intellectual disability, inclusion means:

  • Having the opportunity for meaningful employment
  • Having the right to live in environments of their own choosing
  • Being welcomed into the same community activities we all enjoy such as going to church, going to neighbourhood schools, having the opportunity for self-determination, being free from discrimination and to be respected as participating citizens in our communities