Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Step Number One

Individuals with intellectual disabilities (over the age of 18), seeking local services are required to submit an application with Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). Community Living North Grenville can provide assistance to help you to get connected to this process.

Once the application has been submitted, an employee from the local DSO will visit you at home or at a local pre-arranged location to complete the necessary paper work and assessments.

Developmental Services Ontario

Developmental Services Ontario

The regional DSO South East Region for North Grenville and surrounding areas is represented through Extend-A-Family Kingston.


Developmental Services Ontario agency can provide you with information about services and support in your community that help adults with developmental disabilities. Community Living North Grenville can apprise you of other community programs.

There are many ways you can get this information - over the phone, during a face-to-face meeting with one of our team members, through our newsletters or through our website.

The Government of Ontario funds support for:

  • Group living support
  • Supported independent living/individual living support
  • Host family home/associate living support
  • Individualized residential model
  • Specialized accommodation
  • Community access
  • Respite
  • Adult protective service workers
  • Individualized funding (Passports and Special Services at Home)

Funding Options

There are two options for adults with developmental disabilities to get support.

  • Government-funded organizations
  • Direct funding

Developmental Services Ontario personnel will walk you through your options when you apply for services and support.