Residential Services

Residentially Community Living North Grenville offers an individualized approach to living in the community. Living arrangements vary from person to person and family to family. Support can also vary from as little as a few hours per week to 24 hour support per day. Within the constraints of current resources, Community Living North Grenville staff members work to ensure that personal outcomes for people are realized. The basic tasks of making decisions about lifestyles and values are often very difficult for people who are accustomed to having most decisions made by family or paid staff. The people we support challenge us to be creative, responsive and encouraging.

The out of home respite project provides local families with a break. This respite opportunity frequently provides young adults with experiences for the transition to a more independent life style. Often the respite apartment offers families a “first glimpse” of the supports available in our community. Frequently it gives people the confidence to pursue other integrated experiences.

Planning for the future is certainly the most critical support we provide. Failure to plan may place many individuals at risk, particularly given current funding mechanisms. Conversely, a solid plan paves the way for a successful transition to a more independent lifestyle.

Building supportive friendships within neighbourhoods is critical to finding contentment within your life. People are often happiest when they get an opportunity to sit down and talk with a friend. Without people to encourage, help and offer support, the road is very hard for a person who is working toward a meaningful life in our community.