Services & Support

Community Living North Grenville provides supports and services to individuals with an intellectual disability and their families through an individualized planning process.

Support is provided through a wide variety of services which include, employment, work experience, school to work, leisure, recreation, supported independent living, 24 hour residential support, out of home respite for both children and adults and special services at home. We support each individual in realizing their best possible future.

Community Support

Community Living and inclusion involves not only the direct support individuals with an intellectual disability receive from us, but the support of the communities in which people live.

For individuals with an intellectual disability inclusion means having the opportunity for meaningful employment, having the right to live in environments of their own choosing, having the opportunity to participate in, and be welcomed in the same community activities we all enjoy. This includes going to church, going to neighbourhood schools, freedom from discrimination, having the opportunity for self determination, and to be respected as participating citizens of our communities.

Residential Services picture Thresholds

Residential Services

Residential Services are identified through an individualized planning process. A continuum of services are provided and range from, a few hours per day in an individual's own apartment, to 24 hour support, to out of home family relief for children and adults in a townhouse provided by Community Living North Grenville.

Individuals are supported in the least intrusive environment that will assist the individual to develop the necessary skills to live as independently as possible.

Community Participation/ Employment Support

Individualized support is provided to facilitate an individual's connection to and inclusion in the broader community through, leisure and recreation, volunteering in the community, small work projects, and gainful employment.


Thresholds is a Leeds and Grenville collaborative initiative that provides unique opportunities for inclusion in the local community. It is provided to individuals between the ages of 18 and 27 who have left school and are living at home. Other service providers involved in this project include the Gananoque and District Association for Community Living, Career Services of Brockville, Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement and Developmental Services of Leeds and Grenville.

Special Services At Home

Special Services at Home is funded through the Ministry of Community and Youth Services for children with an intellectual disability. Funding is individualized based on individual need and can be administered by either the family or Community Living North Grenville. An application for funding is required annually. Community Living can help families with their application.

Contact our office for more information or the Southeast Regional Office, Ministry of Community and Youth Services at 1-800-646-3209.