Community Living North Grenville has a number of books, publications and videos available for loan or purchase, that are helpful to staff, board members, self advocates and family members. Some of the more popular resources available include;

  • The Wills book, published by Community Living Ontario this valuable estate planning book can be borrowed or purchased.
  • Are we asking too much? - Video
  • In the Heart of the village. People make a difference. - Video
  • Keys of our own - Video
  • The Guys of Townhouse P2 - Video - Community Living Toronto
  • Youth Involvement Ontario - Video
  • A variety of books and videos on inclusive education
  • Planned Lifetime Security - Manual
  • Right on- Video- People first of Ontario
  • The Freedom Tour - DVD
  • Revel in the Sight - Video

Feel free to drop by our office to view our other resource materials or visit other web sites on our Links page such as