St. Michael's Student Unveils Inclusion Mural

Melissa Workman, a grade 11 student at St. Michael’s Catholic High School in Kemptville has been working on a project alongside Latoya Morgan, member of Community Living Ontario’s “Re:Action4-Inclusion”. Melissa’s vision was to create a mural depicting inclusion of people with disabilities. She has been working on this creation for a few months and on Wednesday, January 20, it was unveiled and presented to the community of North Grenville.

Four schools in Ontario were chosen to participate in this “Re:Action4-Inclusion” project. Latoya along with Linda White travelled from Toronto to witness the unveiling on Wednesday. Latoya states this project “supports and empowers schools to actively seek out ways to make their schools inclusive”. She also said she is extremely proud of Melissa and her work.

Mayor David Gordon was in attendance and says he will proudly display this mural inside the North Grenville Municipal Centre.

Community Living North Grenville’s Executive Director Sandra McNamara said “Melissa was a summer student with us and she is an exceptional person”. She added “Inclusion of people with disabilities starts here in the classroom. Each generation gets better and better.”

The mural will be seen by all that walk through the doors of the Municipal Centre.

Melissa cut the ribbon and watched as Mayor David Gordon and Latoya Morgan unveiled her painting depicting “Strength Lies in Differences, not Similarities”.


From Left to right: Linda White, Sandra McNamara, Latoya Morgan, Nicole Giles, Mayor David Gordon, and Melissa Workman