Vision, Mission & Values

Our approach to supporting individuals with an intellectual disability starts with the belief that people with intellectual disabilities have the same rights as all people and that, with assistance, people can exercise those rights. Community Living North Grenville promotes supports that respect individual differences and provide opportunities for individual development. We believe that by creating positive conditions that support individual growth, rights are more likely to be respected. As people experience more and gain a greater capacity to make decisions, the need for supervision and the potential for rights restriction is diminished. This process is called affirming and protecting individual rights.

Our Vision

It is the belief (vision) of Community Living North Grenville that "all persons live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community, and have the opportunity to participate effectively".

Our Mission

Community Living North Grenville is a local organization founded by families and friends of individuals with an intellectual disability. Community Living North Grenville advocates for, promotes and facilitates the full participation, inclusion and citizenship of people who have an intellectual disability.

To facilitate this mission, Community Living North Grenville will:

  • Provide input to our provincial body (Community Living Ontario) that promotes positive change in public policy
  • Provide expertise, support (to individuals and their families), resources, information and education
  • Create and respond to opportunities for networking, actively supporting and partnering with those who share our vision
  • Build public awareness
  • Develop, nurture and support local community capacity and innovation

Our Values

Community means supporting people to establish their lives in the "community" as we know it; the community at large will have an opportunity for shared responsibility in the lives of people we support.

  • We involve a process of life planning with people on an individual basis
  • Create and respond to opportunities for networking, actively supporting and partnering with those who share our vision
  • All people have every opportunity for choice of where they work, live, enjoy leisure time and retire
  • All children should be supported within their family, where it nurtures well being and personal growth
  • All children go with their friends to neighbourhood schools where they grow and learn together
  • All people enjoy and exercise all the rights and duties of full citizenship
  • All people have the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships and other naturally supportive relationships in the community
  • All people have the freedom to participate in their communities through political and religious expression
  • All people have access to comfortable and suitable homes that they can call their own
  • All people will be treated with dignity and respect
  • All people live with a sense of security and freedom from harm
  • All people have access to quality health care and adequate income
  • All people will be supported by competent and caring employees and volunteers, who are committed to quality improvement and accountability